Who Should Pay On a Date

This is a touchy subject, and you really need to look at it on a case by case basis. Many years ago, men paid for everything on a date. Nowadays, women work and make salaries that are equal to that of a man. Things have changed a lot regarding who pays for the date.

If a man asks a woman out on a date, especially the first date, he should expect to pay for it.

Who gets the check is sometimes viewed as who has the power in the relationship, so it may be a good idea to spread it out, especially if she makes similar money to you.

Some self-supporting, powerful women resent the idea of not paying or at least sharing the bill. If a man always pays she might start to wonder what the motives are; does he want to be in charge, is he embarrassed to have a woman pay, or is it simply because he is enamored with the lady and wants to pay? Even the most successful women will have trouble determining this. Some women don’t really care, but the truth is that a guy will feel like a man if he pays for the entire date (at least in the beginning).

If a man is asked out by the woman, then she probably intends to pay for the date, but the man should plan to pay for the date nevertheless. If the woman pays for the entire date, it is a sign of good manners that the man reciprocate if he is interested in pursuing the woman and even if he is not interested.

Once you have been dating for a while, you will find a system of paying for dates that works best for you.

Once you are comfortable enough to discuss financial matters, and have been dating for a while, you might consider going on vacation together. You should talk about, in advance, who will pay for what. Again, if your financial situations are similar, you may want to share the burden of the vacation expenses equally.

The overall principle here is to be courteous and considerate when it comes to paying for things.