Online Dating Defined

Online Dating Advice For Women

Online Dating Advice For Women

Internet dating is taking the world by storm. It is a new craze that is sweeping the nation. In our society and our current social situations, it is becoming harder and harder to go out and find a date. Our lives are always busy. There is always something going on. Rarely is there time to be able to date and meet people.

Online dating is meeting the needs of more and more people in America every day. They no longer have to worry about trying to find time to date. They can look for dates and meet people when it is most convenient for them. There are no certain time periods or hours of operation. They can work around their personal schedule and their lives.

There are more and more online dating sites being created everyday. There are free sites and also sites that charge a fee. There are similarities and differences between the two kinds of sites. All of the sites are basically set up the same. They have similar layouts and information. Most have certain criteria or information that they use to match people with others that they are compatible with. The sites that charge a fee usually offer more to their members. They have unlimited messaging and email capabilities. They are free to contact as many people as they want. They also get more information. Some sites also offer their paid members featured profiles and spots within the site that get them noticed more.

Many people have been skeptical and had reservations about online dating in the past. However, in recent years there have been major improvements made. The sites are now more careful about their screening process and many require more information. There are some dating sites that require a picture to be uploaded to the site and approved before the user can access the site. This makes it more likely that the person is serious and is providing truthful information.

There are still cases where people are deceiving and they may not be totally honest about their appearance or themselves. They may post a fake picture that is not of them. However, the same is true in any dating situation. You do not truly know a person for quite some time most often. They do not open up and tell you their deep, dark secrets or give you a clear idea of their personality and true nature right away.

The important thing when you are considering online dating is to do your research. You should look at the different sites and research all of them thoroughly. Consider whether you are willing to pay for a site.

Most sites offer a free trial. You do not get all of the features, but you can get an idea of what the site is like. If it is highly appealing, you may decide to pay for a membership. This is a matter of personal preference and desires. Look for testimonials and high member numbers. The best sites will offer testimonials within their site. They will also have a large number of members that are using their site.

Online Dating Services

Internet Dating

Internet Dating

Congratulations.  You have taken the first step and decided to give online dating a try.  Now for the big question, “Which online dating service should you use?” 

Before you can choose the proper type of dating website to use, you have to know what you want to get out of online dating.  There could be several reasons why you decided to look for dates on the internet.  You have to be honest about what you are looking for.

  • A husband or lifetime partner.
  • A friend you might become more later on.
  • Someone to casually date.
  • A one night fling.
  • An activity partner.


Be as specific as possible.  The more focused you are the better your results will be.  Once you know what you are looking for, think about any specific requirements you have.  For example:

  • What religion do they have?
  • What level of education?
  • What level of finance?
  • What kinds of hobbies?


After deciding what you want, you can think about what kind of online dating service is best for you.  There are different kinds of sites you can join.

Matchmaker Sites

The one that pops into my head first is eHarmony.  These kinds of sites are aimed at helping you find your perfect mate.  They require you to fill out a detailed profile.  It can take over an hour to complete it.  Once you submit your profile, it shows you only the people who are a good match for you.  This means that you don’t have to sort through a lot of junk.

Personal Sites

These are similar to the matchmaker sites. They have a profile for you to fill out, but the profiles don’t take as long to complete.  They also don’t filter your results for you.  You have to look through all the profiles to find ones that you think will be a match for you. 

Niche Sites

These online dating services focus on certain groups of people.  They can be either matchmaker or personal style.  This kind of site is what you should choose if you want to only find a certain type of person.  You can find sites based on religion, hobbies, lifestyle choices, and many, many more.  If you can imagine a group, they probably have a dating website.

Event Sites

The last type of site is an event site.  These sites hold actual events for people to attend.  Members fill out a profile online and then attend a social gathering, most likely a dinner.  You can make a connection at dinner or go back and look up someone’s profile and connect with them that way.

Of course, we can’t finish without mentioning free and paid sites.  Online sites can be broken into three categories.

  1. One type only offers paid memberships.  These can have an advantage of keeping many people out.  You will only find people who are serious about online dating.  No tire kickers.
  2. Another type offers free membership.  These sites will let anyone join.  You will find more people but many of them will not be very serious.  They might just be curious.  You will also find more dishonest people.
  3. The final type is a combination type.  These sites let anyone register and create a profile for free.  They then offer extra services for a membership fee.  You might get you profile listed higher in search results or be able to filter your searches better.


There are no right or wrong online dating services.  You need to decide what you are interested in and then find the service that is the closest fit for you.  I can promise you that the closer you match what you want to the service, the better results you will have.