The Key To Finding Your Mr Right

Find True Love

Find True Love

When looking for your Mr. Right try not to focus on purely physical attributes or how much money a man makes when defining what you want in a man. These superficial requirements won’t matter much when you start being more involved in a relationship.

Make sure you are trying to find a man that you have something in common with. It is important to have physical chemistry too, but the mental stimulation will keep you together in the long term. Know what you like in a person’s personality, ambitions, and interests.

Once you find someone that has a personality that meshes with your own, you will find that he instantly becomes more attractive to you and vise versa. By approaching finding your Mr. Right in this matter, you will avoid wasting your time on players, commitment phobics, and unavailable men, or someone who is not your type and you have nothing in common with.

Look on the Inside.

The old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may be cliché, but it is on point. Try your best not to judge a man on his looks or his ability to provide alone. Even if you find a man who is both handsome and wealthy, as long as there isn’t much in common, a man will see right through your shallowness, and will not want to be with someone who bases so much importance on looks or money. Beauty fades, money comes and goes, but a personality is forever.

Find Your Mr Right – Your First Date

Finally, after several failed match-ups in your online dates, you’ve met somebody that you think is the “Mr. Right” for you. He asked to have a date with you. This is your chance to show “Mr. Right” that you are “Ms. Right” for him.

Here are some ways to guide you on your date to make him think you are the perfect one for him.

1. Look Your Best

You want your “Mr. Right” to see the best in you? Then put your best foot forward. Men are visual creatures, and they often judge the book by its cover when it comes to first impressions. As they say, you never get a second chance to make the first impression!

2. Arrive on Time.

Arriving late will make him feel umimportant and hurt, even if think that being fashionably late in cool – it is not!

3. Show your femininity.

Act like a lady, and let him treat you to dinner or drinks. Do not insist on paying half – men enjoy being with a woman, not a man. They get a feeling of accomplishement when the woman allows them to pay on a date.

5. Compliment Him.

Give him compliments, but do not be insincere. He will sense if you don’t mean what you say. If he looks nice in that fancy suit, tell him. If he does something for you, say thank you and be grateful for his effort.

6. Make a conversation with him and listen attentively.

Try to converse with him, but do not let yourself hog the conversation. Make an otherwise nervous and exciting situation into a lively one by chatting. Hear what he wants to say.

Finding “Mr. Right” might be easy, but you have to show that you are “Ms. Right” for him.