Online Dating Tips for Women

Find Love

Find Love

As a woman beginning to find dates on the internet, you need some online dating tips.  It can be scary to start using the internet to find eligible guys.  I’m sure you have heard success stories and some horror stories too.  This can be a very fun experience for you as long as you follow these tips. 

In my book, the one tip you have to follow is to be honest about everything, especially in your profile.  I know that it is tempting to shed a few pounds or years in your profile in an attempt to increase your profile views.  You have to remember why you are here in the first place.  It is to find your soul mate.  Lying about things now will only come back to hurt you later.  When you fill out your profile, use your real age, weight, height, and everything else. 

Take your time and fill each section as truthfully as you can.  If there are some things you don’t want to mention, don’t talk about them.  Most sites have an option that says “I’d rather not answer.”  Use this feature, just don’t lie.  It is really hard to stay in a relationship that is not built on trust.

This is closely related to the second of my online dating tips.  You really have to use a good picture in your profile.  I would go so far as to get a professional picture taken.  Now before you run out to your local Glamour Shots, this is not the kind of picture I am talking about.  If your mother would not recognize you, don’t use the picture. 

It should be a good natural looking photo.  Put on make-up and wear nice clothes.  Make yourself look sexy.  If you have any imperfections, be sure they are covered up.  You need to look sexy and glamorous, just be sure it still looks like you.  The racier the photo the more profile views you will have.

Be sure you use a recent photo.  So what if you have put on a few pounds.  You want to make sure it looks like you do so when you finally meet your date in person, he will not be disappointed.  When you meet your date, he will notice how different you look from your photo.  If you look to different, he will feel your lured him into a date.  He may not be able to trust anything else you say and not go out with you again. 

My first two online dating tips deal with being truthful.  I think that as long as you do this, you will be able to find your perfect man.  There is one more online dating tip that goes hand-in-hand with the first these.  Be patient and go slowly.

When you get email for a man, read it, but don’t respond to it right away.  I also don’t recommend using instant messages at first.  Once you have gotten to know the man, then you can use instant messages.  There are two main reasons I recommend this. 

First, this allows you to think of what to say to him.  You know sometimes you say something to a friend and then a few hours later you think of something much better to say?  Once you say it the first time, the moment is gone.  By waiting, you give yourself a great chance to have that perfect reply pop into your head. 

The second reason you want to wait is that it will make a guy more interested.  When you do begin emailing him, don’t rush to tell him everything.  Only give him a little information at a time.  This will make him think about you and want more.  You just have to keep feeding him little bits here and there to keep him interested in you. 

This can take some practice to perfect.  If you give him too much information, he will lose interest in you.  If you give too little information, he will give up on you.  You have to find a balance between too much, too little, and just right.

If you can remember these three online dating tips, you will get more dates and those dates will be of a higher quality.  Be honest and patient and everything else really will take care of itself.  Now get out there and start dating more.

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