How To Tell He Is Attracted To You

Is He The One

Is He The One?

Being able to tell when a man is interested in you is an important skill to have if you want to save yourself the trouble of trying to go after men that simply wish you would leave them alone.

The ability to read body language can be extremely beneficial; in fact I’d almost say it’s essential if you want to be successful in life, whether that is with men or in your career or just with your friends.
To truly know and understand someone’s body language, it can be very helpful to know your subject, as some body language can be confused with “comfort”.

Reading body language can also be very beneficial for reducing anxiety around men. If you know what she is feeling, then you know what to expect and where to go next, Instead of trying to second guess from just her verbal language.

We all know that men are great at saying one thing, but often meaning another. So if you can master the skill of body language, then you can be one step ahead. And place yourself at ease.

Eye Contact

Ok, so you’re out at a club, there is a hot guy a table or two away from you. He looks over and makes eye contact with you. Does this eye contact last a little longer then as it would with someone you merely glance across at, let’s say in a shopping mall?

Does he go back for round two? Make eye contact with you again? Holding it a little longer again? Yes?

Now unless you look silly, he is attracted to you! Now it’s time for the next step (get him to approach you).

His Posture

I have to admit I do watch for this one a fair bit in others. Its interesting watching this happen in complete strangers you don’t know. We’re all guilty of it, what’s funny though, is since I know this is something that we all do from time to time, I’ll even consciously realize it, yet can’t stop myself from doing it.

Here is an example:

Say you’re strolling down the heart of the city, with little concern for your posture, your shoulders are relaxed, head semi downwards and you are just in your own little world getting on with your day.

Suddenly a handsome man is walking your way, what do you do? You probably stand up straight, and try to look your best as the guy passes, right?

Both women and men use this attraction signal, usually done subconsciously. (As most body language we use is)

Playing with and touching of hair, clothes, etc.

An example of this:

You’re at work and its just hit midday so you’re heading to the lunch room to heat up last nights left over spaghetti bolognaise at the office, which is very convenient and there is a free to use microwave.

When you enter the lunch room, the attractive man you have a bit of an eye for looks up and runs his hand through his tie, re-adjusting it.

This can be a great indication that he is attracted to you.

However, there are some men that play with their hair as a “comfort” device.

So it is important to know your subject to know whether this is just a “habit”.

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