Flirting Tips For Women

Flirting Tips For Women

Flirting Tips For Women

Flirting is a dance of lightly showing you are interested in a man. It is the first step in getting to know someone. It’s not anything more than that. The outcome of flirting may simply be a new friend, but it could possibility be the beginning of something more.

Review the following do’s and don’ts before your next attempt at flirting:


– Look at him with interest. Send him a quick glance. If he looks up and catches your eye and smiles, you may very well establish that first connection.

– Give him genuine compliments. Everyone has good qualities, paying him a compliment will immediately make you more likeable.

– If he asks for your number give it to him you would like to talk with him again. If you don’t plan on seeing him again after all, don’t give him your phone number, but tell him it was a pleasure talking to him.


– Try to flirt with two men in the same group at the same time, it will make you look bad.

– Hover, lurk or beg. Acting desperately is a big turn-off to men. Be a little bit unreachable because you will look more confident.
Remember, in order for a man to approach you, you must appear approachable Be prepared to recognize his flirtatious behavior so that you can return the non-verbal messages he is sending to you, loud and clear.

A man is flirting with you if:

– He keeps looking in your direction. Every time you look up is he looking at you? Then he’s probably flirting. If he smiles at you when you catch him looking, he is looking for an invitation to talk with you.

– He starts a conversation with you. This means he wants to get to know you better, which is a good sign.

– He compliments you. If he tells you that he thinks you are beautiful or any other personal compliment, it’s a strong indication that he’s flirting with you.

– He is trying to make you laugh and seems genuinely interested in things that you say.